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Help us empower the young people of Uganda to rise above physical, mental, and economic challenges and see a greater vision for their future!





Greater Vision Academy in Sogolelo, Uganda has grown to 96 students, seven teachers, and six assistant staff members! Using learning as a foundation, we foster an environment where children can discover their potential and prepare for their future.

We serve two healthy meals every school day. These meals help the children relieve worries about their next meal and greatly reduce or eliminate their need to work for food. We also have a school garden and two rainwater collection tanks to provide clean drinking water.

Right now, we provide free basic healthcare and much-needed medical transport services. In the future, we plan to launch a clinic and offer health education to all families in the village.

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Meet Scovia

Scovia is a 7-year-old girl with a smile that lights up any room. When we met her, she was suffering from untreated hydrocephalus, which was causing seizures, fainting, and headaches and was preventing her from playing with the other kids. 

Meet Scovia

Scovia is one of 11.5 million Ugandan children who live in poverty and severe deprivation by local standards.

Here are three of the most urgent deprivations Ugandan children face:


Lack of Education

Most impoverished Ugandan children will never set foot in a classroom or receive any opportunity to advance their lives. This deprivation perpetuates generational cycles of poverty, depression, and substance abuse.

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Food Poverty

Poor children in Uganda struggle to access just one meal a day. Many are forced to dig in their neighbors’ gardens or lay bricks just to earn enough to pay for food.

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Limited Access to Healthcare

Many of these children suffer from untreated health problems. Lack of transportation to medical facilities and no money to pay for treatment prevent them from getting the care they need.

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The Rest of Scovia's Story

We saw that Scovia needed immediate medical attention, so we arranged for transportation, surgeries, and medications to begin relieving the pressure in her head.

As Scovia’s health improved, we were thrilled to welcome her as one of the very first students at Greater Vision Academy in Sogolelo, where she enjoys classes and two healthy meals every school day. 

Today, Scovia has access to quality education, good nutrition, and the ongoing medical care she needs!

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Temporary Classrooms

Completed in March 2021

We completed our first few classrooms to accommodate our K-3 students. This temporary structure has allowed us to begin teaching students while we build a much larger permanent structure.

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Temporary Kitchen

Completed in May 2021

Students receive two healthy meals every school day thanks to our fully-staffed temporary kitchen!

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Healthy Check-up Program

Launched in July 2020


Early on, we noticed that most of the students did not have access to regular health check-ups, so we started providing health check-ups at a proper medical facility. Three students underwent immediate surgeries, all of which have been successful.

What We've Accomplished So Far

Here’s how you can help!

There are three primary ways you can be a part of Greater Vision Uganda’s inspiring mission!

Sponsor a Child

Explore other ways to get involved

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A monthly donation of just $50 fully sponsors one student--including their nutrition, education, and supplies! Click the button to see one-time and monthly options and sponsor a child today!

There are several other rewarding ways you can support GVU with your time, expertise, and even your CRV recyclables. Click the button to see other ways you could make a difference for children in Uganda!

Are you an organizational representative who is researching GVU to explore a potential partnership? Click the button to see our story, team, past accomplishments, future plans, and more!

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Greater Vision Uganda empowers young people to rise above physical, mental, and economic challenges and see a greater vision for their future!

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