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Why Greater Vision?

In the summer of 2019 when I traveled home to put a headstone at my mother’s grave in my grandmother’s village of Sogolero Buokero Uganda, I saw my home country and the children in that village living in desperate need of food, education and opportunity. Even though I grew up in Uganda knowing the conditions of my country I never noticed how dire life was, partially because I was a product of love and the support of sponsors that took care of my school fees and basic needs throughout my childhood and into adulthood.

Most of the children that live in Sogolero Bukomero are orphans and the mothers of the village are raising them and their own kids on their own while working their farms. There is nothing more that the mothers of the village want than for their kids and the orphans of the village to have opportunity, education and a vision for their life.

I want to give back to my home country and give the children of Sogolero Bukomero a chance at education, clean water and opportunity that I was also given. Greater Vision is giving back and invites others to join us in giving to those who need it most, the children of Sogolero Bukomero.

Suzan Nabatanzi Rickett 

CEO of Greater Vision Uganda

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We Do this for them...

These children are deserving!

​You can see the anticipation for the new shoes they received that day!  GVU was able to partner with a local Ugandan non-profit to provide much needed shoes to the children in the village.  Since we started construction and showing up to the village of Sogolero, many of the children are excited for the school and to be able to spend their days learning, playing and eating 2 fresh meals!

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Francis and his 2 sons receiving aid!

GVU was able to intervene in this family's situation and build them a new mud hut so they could stay dry!  The old hut was falling apart and illness was keeping Francis from being able to fix it.  Thanks to the generosity of our GVU supporters the boys and Francis are staying dry and warm during the raining season.

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