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Sponsor a Child


Just $50 per month fully sponsors one student, including tuition, food, and supplies! 

What could your donation accomplish?

When we met Joseph and Angelo, their mud hut was leaking profusely, causing their beds to become soaking wet.

Their father’s health difficulties prevented him from fixing the hut himself or moving the boys to safer and more healthy living conditions. They needed someone to step in. 


Greater Vision Uganda was able to build a new hut with a proper tin roof and provide new beds so they could have a clean and dry place to sleep. We also secured the property for them so they could continue to live in their new home. 


Joseph and Angelo were among the first students to attend Greater Vision Academy, and we are humbled to continue to be a part of this family’s journey. 


It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we stand together!

You’re invited to help GVU reach children like Joseph and Angelo by being a sponsor!

$10 per month

feeds a Greater Vision Academy student

$25 per month

 covers their tuition

$50 per month

fully sponsors them (including tuition, food, and supplies)

$100 per month

covers regular health services for several students

Are you ready to make a difference for kids like Joseph and Angelo? Tap a button to get started!


Our 501(c)3 Tax ID is 85-2632878.

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