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Our ongoing and completed projects!

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Auto Mechanic Apprenticeship

Launched in fall 2022

During our early 2022 trip to Uganda, we discovered an auto mechanic apprenticeship in the city near Sogolelo. We connected with four teenaged siblings of our Greater Vision Academy students and offered to pay their way. The two-year apprenticeship includes housing and food and prepares young people for a sustainable career as a mechanic. So far, we’ve placed four students in this program and are hoping to expand soon!


Chicken Coop

Completed in August 2021

Our new chicken coop houses 150 chickens. These chickens and their eggs will be a source of food and will supplement the financial needs of the school. Building the coop and purchasing the chickens was the first step in creating sustainability and building natural resources for the school and its programs. 



Completed in June 2021

Kay Redfield said, “Children need the freedom to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity.” Prior to the school launch in the summer, we built a playground with slides and swings for the students. Many of the children in Sogolelo have never seen a structured playground much less had the opportunity to play on one! Watching them play is a truly beautiful sight. 

Temporary kitchen.jpeg

Temporary Kitchen

Completed in May 2021

Students receive two healthy meals every school day thanks to our fully-staffed temporary kitchen! 


Backpack Drive

Completed in April 2021

In April 2021, the nurses and doctors at Kaiser Permanente in Dublin, CA (where Suzan works) came together to do a Backpack Drive for the students of Greater Vision Academy! They gathered school supplies and enough backpacks for all of the students. At the end of May when we traveled to the village for the first day of school, we were able to deliver all of the backpacks and supplies to the kids. The children are so excited and ready to learn! 

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Water Collection

Completed in May 2021

We were able to purchase and install two large rainwater collection tanks to provide clean drinking water for our students. The nearest well is one mile down the hill from the school, so this simple upgrade has made a big difference for our students.

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Temporary Classrooms

Completed in March 2021

We completed our first few classrooms to accommodate our K-3 students. This temporary structure has allowed us to begin teaching students while we build a much larger permanent structure. 


Landscaping and Latrine

Completed in February 2021

Our beautiful walkways and landscaping have encouraged an organized and productive environment for our students. Digging a latrine has allowed us to give students a place to practice the new hygiene habits they are learning. 


Teachers' Quarters

Completed in April 2021

Our new teachers’ quarters houses four of our teachers and their families. Having our teachers on campus and accessible to the students is vital to their growth and development.


Health Check-up Program

Launched in July 2020

Early on, we noticed that most of the students did not have access to regular health check-ups. Some students had untreated conditions that were leading to severe issues. In response, we started providing health check-ups at a proper medical facility. Three students underwent immediate surgeries, all of which have been successful. Without these checkups, untreated conditions can lead to learning challenges and severe growth delays. We also provide follow-up to make sure students are continuing to receive treatment and recovering well.

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