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Meet The Team

Suzan Rickett

Executive Director

Suzan Rickett was born and raised in Uganda under harsh conditions similar to those faced by the children GVU serves. A family from Canada sponsored Suzan, paid for her education, and gave her the opportunity that has propelled her to the success she enjoys today. 


Since then, giving that same gift of education and opportunity to less fortunate children has become her passion. She believes every child deserves a shot at a bright future and the empowerment to overcome the many roadblocks they face. 


Over the past 5 years, Suzan has had amazing opportunities to give directly to those in need on an individual basis, but she wanted to expand. So in 2020, she and her husband Joel founded Greater Vision International and its first endeavor, Greater Vision Uganda.


Today, Suzan’s daily life as a mother of three and a licensed nurse feeds her passion to provide education, nutrition, and healthcare to Ugandan children. Her life goal is to help those who need it and show others how they can help as well.


Suzan earned a BA in Environmental Management as well as a nursing degree. She has served as a licensed nurse for 8 years. 


Suzan lives in the East San Francisco Bay Area of California with her husband Joel and three wonderful boys.

Joel Rickett

Chief of Operations

Joel Rickett was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area of California and has always had a passion and drive to serve those in need. 


As a young man, he served as a leader at a church in Sacramento that actively reached out to people who were facing homelessness and addiction. He also worked as a counselor at youth foster homes, where he learned how important it is for every child to have structure, opportunities, and people in their lives to guide them.


Joel met and married Suzan 10 years ago, and together they have three awesome boys and a dog. 


Joel has degrees in Business and Marketing and years of experience volunteering and working with people in need. Education and health are close to Joel’s heart, and he believes everyone deserves a chance to benefit from quality education and basic healthcare.

Margaret Aliker

Acting Director in Uganda

Maggie Aliker is from Kampala, Uganda and has always had a heart to help children with unmet needs. She has one daughter and is passionate about serving the students of Greater Vision Academy. She studied at Mekerere University and has served people in need for the last several years. Her experience managing people and organizations has prepared her for this new challenge.


Thanks to Maggie’s constant direction and work in Sogolelo on behalf of Greater Vision Uganda, our vision has been coming to life! She is “Greater Vision on the ground” as she leads the team in Uganda and spearheads our efforts to move our vision forward.

Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 9.39.55 AM.png
Ronald Kayondo

Volunteer in Uganda

Ronald Kayondo lives in Uganda and has experience as a school principal, teacher, and builder. He has played an important role in helping Greater Vision Uganda build its first classroom structures, playground, and teachers’ quarters. Ronald has a passion for teaching young children and is dedicated to helping us accomplish our mission.

Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 9.37.15 AM.png
Maria Nabbaale

Case Worker

Maria Nabbaale lives in Kampala, Uganda and is actively involved in Greater Vision Uganda. She is the mother of two beautiful daughters and dedicates her time to reaching out to the children of Sogolelo. She works closely with Margaret to serve the families and children by delivering care packages and arranging for transportation when needed for those in the village that need to see a medical professional. Her service to the village of Sogolelo is vital to the mission of Greater Vision Uganda!

Luberenga Hillary.JPG
Luberenga Hillary

Deputy Head Teacher of Greater Vision Academy

Luberenga Hillary is the Deputy Head Teacher of Greater Vision Academy. His vision is to equip children with academic abilities, practical skills, integrity, and values in order to raise a generation of community-transformers who are responsible and productive citizens of Uganda and the world at large. His experience with Watoto Child Care Ministries has prepared him to lead our team and help every child succeed. 

Asiimwe Augustine.JPG
Asiimwe Augustine

Teacher at Greater Vision Academy

Mr. Asiimwe Augustine is a recent addition to our teaching team.  Asiimwe has a passion for teaching and cares for children, especially those who are less privileged. His experience working with children in similar settings makes Asiimwe a valuable addition to our staff.

Nakibuuka Swaiba.JPG
Nakibuuka Swaiba

Nursery Teacher at Greater Vision Academy

​Nakibuuka Swaiba is a nursery teacher at Greater Vision Academy. Her love for teaching children is apparent in her daily interactions with our students. She is patient, calm, creative and playful. Mrs. Swaiba has recently joined our team of teachers. We are grateful to welcome her energetic youthful spirit, warm energy, and love of teaching young minds.

Nabatanzi Monica 

Teacher at Greater Vision Academy

Nabatanzi Monica is a proud teacher and has been teaching young students since 2000. She is an administrator and facilitator at Greater Vision Academy. The joy she brings to every student and every class session is contagious. Her passion for children has always drawn her to opportunities to serve and support them.


Monica has taught at a number of schools in Uganda, including Hillside School, Cream Site Primary School, and Pride Way Primary School. She served as a senior teacher there and was in full charge of her respective class. Her leadership and skills in management, planning, and communication are invaluable to our mission.

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